05/23/2023 Waves AMA


Hi guys, let’s try it. And we are doing this AMA again and beloved. Everybody loves it including myself.
I think Telegram works fine actually it works better than Twitter so I think it’s better to do this AMA here. I decided to do this AMA actually I wanted to postpone because there’s not so much news actually and I wanted to do an AME after the launch of I thought that we would be able to launch it this week. Unfortunately there is like a lot of small faints to code to implement in the interface so probably it’s going to be launched at the beginning of the next week, like early next week and maybe we cannot remate about the launch because it’s very important for Waves currently.
But in any case we have some news and I will cover them right now and then you’ll ask me any questions you like as you always do. So let’s get started. What happened last week? Some significant events, one of them is new markets on Vires were relaunched.
Vireses are like beleaguered. I would call it landing protocol and actually I think it’s a very good like somebody asked recently, 15 minutes ago I was in the Russian chat and someone asked me why are you relaunching it, forget about it. I think it’s like it’s a very good product.
If you look at it it’s done very nicely. Technically it would be pity just to drop it or launch a new one so let’s just stick to yours. I think it did have some history.
I like the product, it’s real hard to just drop it. So the markets were relaunched and at the same time there is a couple of proposals in the ecosystem related to that. So the first proposal is actually not on Vires but on WX because as you know there is another issue on Wave.
This is like deepact all gateway tokens and the fees from WX and go to the buyback. So the idea was somebody in the community, I think his name was Max, he reached out to me and I think it’s a nice idea actually and it’s up for discussion, you can accept it but you can just maybe be not so happy about it but I think it’s worth discussing. So the idea is to use that tokens that are being bought back on WX for old markets on Vires because there is still some issue with them and depositing those tokens into those markets would help to somehow liquidate those markets faster.
So I won’t go into too much technical details because it’s quite involved actually. But if you are following the recent developments probably understand what it all means and you can vote for gifts. This is a community proposal, we found it reasonable and we decided to put it up for the voting.
The other proposal related is to actually increase the protocol share for the new markets by 100%, like two fold increase and use that like increased share to buy back XTM. XTM is vested on Vires. There is like that debt that was accumulated on Vires converted into XTM.
XTM unfortunately is not doing too well currently. But if we actually start to buy back with the fees from the share for Vires, it can help. So there is like several things to make sure that XTM goes up in price and Vires can actually participate in this.
So the idea is to spend a share of protocol profits on XTM buyback. You can vote for Reggate. I think it totally makes sense because the share of various token stakers won’t be reduced just like additional 10% that will be used as a buyback.
I think it totally makes sense. So you can vote for it on viewers and yeah, actually so I should actually remind you that there is also a minor proposal for XTM buyback. So this week it was implemented on the testnet and I think around Monday this feature will be up for voting on the main app.
So if you’re a minor, you can actually vote for or against it. The idea is to buy back with a portion of wage inflation. Like two ways out of every six awarded for each successfully generated, block will go to Angst and buyback.
This is the idea here, so it can help. And another thing that I mentioned, waste doll that will be launched next week for sure. There is also like a part of inflation in the same proposal, in the same feature that the miners will have to load for or against.
Also two waste will go to the waste doll. I think it’s a very reasonable setup. Some chains have this actually, because we launched like a long time ago and we didn’t have this idea about the doll mechanics for the chain itself.
And I think it’s a good moment to somehow catch up with those developments and allocate a portion of waste inflation to the doll. I think it totally makes sense so that the community can decide how the fund okay, so this is what was happening. Everybody’s asking of course, about the situation with the Alt gateways on.
The audit of those gateway tokens is ongoing. They’re being phased out one by one. It’s going to take some time.
And as I start, as I mentioned, we are buying back the tokens with the fees from WX also looking for funding to make things faster because the situation has been dragging on for too long by now. It would be very good to resolve ASAP. We are looking for some funding in case the fees will do their job sooner or later and those tokens will be bought back.
So I would recommend you to sell them currently at low price. I think you’d better wait till the price is better about the next week. So what’s going to happen next week? Maybe I can okay, I think I’ll make the summary in the end of the AMA and guys, now we are ready.
You can just ask me anything, accusations, whatever. Raise your hand if you want to speak and people from Vocal Hotel, great hotel, recommended place, you’re welcome there anytime. Guys, ask me something or just you can curse, you can do whatever you want.
Okay? Nobody is willing to speak somehow so maybe I’ll reply to some questions from the chat. Actually guys, if you don’t want to speak, it’s okay to just message the questions. Just type your questions in the chat if you’re shy, want to remain anonymous.
It’s a fun channel, so anything goes. Yeah, what happened with a buyback seconds yesterday being sold on WX? There was some glitch and I know the story and one account was restored system accounts users taking and one account was actually restored and as I found out today, there was some other accounts with the same problem and they will be restored soon. People are saying that we have a lot of glitches recently.
Okay, it might be true actually the most important thing is to make sure that those glitches are fixed. Galka, our famous Bulgarian. France.
Hi, Galka. Galina is asking what is the plan B if minor don’t agree about XTN buyback? So I have some ideas in mind focused on a ways to point out. I think I have a very nice idea about the product because I’m trying to come up with something really unique and that can actually somehow matter not for waste but for everybody.
I think I have this idea so it will be related to waste 2.0 it’s up to you guys. As you know, I don’t have Waves so it’s like it’s all in your hands and actually I would recommend you vote for it because it’s going to be better for everybody, believe me.
But if you don’t okay, there is another plan and I think it’s not going to be bad for you but maybe it will be more involved, I would say so I think that it will be better if you just voted but it’s my opinion, so it’s up to you. I explained to you why actually why it’s good and I think it’s a very balanced proposal actually and people are trying to misunderstand it saying that somehow I connect core to the app level. It’s not true actually it’s different and I maybe have to do another round of conversations with you in a no chance maybe to answer some questions that were not answered actually dollars let’s do it next week.
Tell me more about actually project launching on Waves. Yeah, this is a project from Swap phi guys and I think it’s like pretty usable for Swap Phi because it’s about leveraged yield farming. So basically how it works, if you want to yield farm and earn interest from your liquidity, you can borrow it and have some leverage basically.
So increase your profits like maybe by 200% maybe selling and actually going to launch it. I think it’s a very good moment to launch this because basically all the defy stuff on Wave is relaunching at the moment. I think it would be good to have this product.
Yes, actually it’s going to launch a token, of course. And I think the plan is to propose to participate in some kind of like precede funding stage to waste doll basically. So they will come up with this proposal for the waste doll to participate to basically become some kind of like VCs, like pre seat round VCs and buy the token with a very steep discount.
And later they will do some fair launch or idea still to be decided by them. But in any case, actually is a leveraged farming product. I think it’s very clear and useful product, I would say.
And let’s just wait for the proposal to the way it’s dull because the voting for treasury allocation will be act next week. As I said at the beginning, I wanted very confident that we would have it this week. I’m back guys.
I’m back. Some glitch because in Dubai actually telegram doesn’t work properly. You have to use VPN.
Don’t really understand why this is a fact. Probably they’re pushing their own local messengers and WhatsApp and telegram are kind of like bounce, but everybody uses them. So it’s a very weird situation here.
So what’s next? Yeah, Mohammed Jay, when are you going to publish the relaunch of Vires? Yeah, but it’s live. Yeah article it will be there. What are the response for XTM? Yes, sorry guys, they forgot to mention that all the XTM that is being bought back is burned.
To be burned. They will do nothing with it but just burn it without any second thoughts and just burn. Burn.
Yeah. This balance connection because of VPN. I’m sorry, can you tell more about ways because we see some activity from developers.
We’re like finishing this. There’s a lot of development. It’s been built from scratch.
It’s not like a turnkey platform. Probably only serum can just take something ready and use it. So we don’t want to do that.
As you know, power dolph has some ideas like it’s not like dolls on ethereum. So it’s pretty unique because there is a totally different mechanism for it to work. And it has to be implemented from zero, basically from scratch.
That’s what we are doing. So it takes some time will vary to have a new liquidator. Yeah, liquidation.
People ask me today since works in various so if there is like liquidation situation, you’ll be able to execute the liquidation for sure. No problem with that. When support for Baron XTN project, I think we’re supporting them.
So if they need any kind of support, please reach out to me. I think I once talked to the guy or I don’t remember actually. But if there is any assistance needed, please reach out to me.
We’ll try to help you depending on what you actually need. More questions? Yeah, I think it works pretty nicely. Just ask me questions in the chat.
Will waste two point always have unlimited block size? No, you can’t have unlimited block size because your blocks won’t be like dissipating propagating in the network. So basically one node will be able to generate all the blocks. This is a problem with big blocks, actually.
So big blocks means it means centralization. That’s why, for example, bitcoin developers are very reluctant to increase the block size in bitcoin. Although they could do that actually.
And bitcoin block could be like 20 megabytes easily. I’m back. So, yes, once again, from the beginning I forgot to mention, and they asked me to mention this and I’m like, I’m going to speak about it for a while.
There is a new stable coin project on Waves which is called it’s not a new it’s like some kind of like a relaunch based it’s called east. It’s some kind of like wordplay because it is being launched by the west team and west is waste enterprise and they have relaunched it with the new mechanics. There is some tweaks it was like close to die idea before, but now they finalize that idea.
It’s some kind of like it’s not an actual dye call. There are some new features, like different features from dye, but more or less it’s dye. I must emphasize that it’s not like buy stable coin.
It’s like a totally independent team and I have no connection to it. I’m talking to them. This is my connection.
Let’s see how it goes. There’s going to be also governance token. This stable coin is called east and the governance token is going to be called Oriental.
I think it’s a telegram issue, otherwise I can’t explain. Let’s see, maybe I’ll turn off the video. You saw me, you know how I look like.
Okay, if the connection breaks down again, I’ll turn on the video. Yeah, Mohammed, the article is important because people don’t see any difference. Yes.
Actually, currently V Two is like Avi more or less. And I think I discovered this. I think the problem with all those lending protocols, they don’t guarantee you on the protocol level that you are always able to take your liquidity back if you’re like a liquidity provider.
So if you like if we phrase it in more like scientific terms, it means that they don’t guarantee liveness and it applies to all protocols. Like when you have lending pools. Avi came up with this idea, but it has some drawbacks.
So we’ll try to maybe guarantee some kind of liveness and basically what it could entail. If there is like Liquidity Crunch situation, the collateral should be released automatically. So it’s not about liquidation, it’s about Liquidity Crunch.
When the funds are borrowed and people who provide liquidity can take their money back, this situation, they should be able to unlock the collateral and take the collateral. So it’s a very simple idea, it has some drawbacks and subtle points, but I think this is what will be done on Vires and we will explain it in more detail of course, but I replied about Eastern Vires, not now but maybe later. For now, of course, until it has a market cap of like several dozen million at least now it won’t be useful.
How bad was the attack on WX? Gateways? Yes, if you read a beautiful article, some crypto news resource, they kind of twisted my words as why? Basically we did have some situation like ongo prolonged situation because there were some guys in our system actually for quite a while and they did some damage, but nobody said that that damage was related to Gateways. I didn’t say that and I just mentioned it with a journalist because actually I wouldn’t think that they would twist it like that. They had the situation and basically there is some financial damage as well, but it was mostly distracting.
But nobody’s trying to pin the issue that had last year on the hackers. It was a major distraction. But Gateway situation is not related to the hacking incident.
What kind of damage was done? They were basically in our jira and like an internal infrastructure for several months and there was some financial damage as well. And we are still unable to get the details. Like they’re like who they were and there isn’t like a chance to do that through some exchange because there was some trace but the exchange wouldn’t give us the names.
Kind of weird, but we are still trained so it’s not something that it’s not some kind of like you know how to call this. It’s not a matter of like life and death, you know, like this situation. But it was very unpleasant and I wouldn’t even I just mentioned it during conversation with the journalist and they just tried to blow it out of proportion.
On the other hand, I don’t want to hide it either. It happens, it happens but it’s not some kind of a major thing. I would say it was like a major distraction, but for external community I don’t think it’s something very interesting, I would say.
Yeah. Where is Elon? He left the company. That’s right.
Some people come, some people go, it’s normal. What are the results of the audit? So basically what those audits are doing so we are trying to go token by token because those tokens have to be phased out in favor of the new bridges that WX integrates and it’s going to take some time. And if you’re asking what are the reasons for missing liquidity probably I’m not ready to tell you yet and I just want to focus on the problem resolution.
It’s very important to resolve this problem. As Jeremy. Hi.
You’re not doing giveaways anymore. I think people don’t take it the way it is intended. So I think I won’t be doing giveaways until we are in a better position.
Because people thinking that we are giving away money nobody has been paid for supporting ways. We don’t have any shows. Let’s just stop with those giveaways until everything is good again.
Will WX tokens ever be paid back? If you mean old gateway tokens, as I described many times, the plan is to buy them back using WX exchange fees. It’s going to take some time, but it’s like a pure fire plan. They will be bought back.
It’s a matter of time. And at the same time I’m talking to I have some progress. It’s not going fast actually, but I do have some progress.
And if I’m able to come up with some funding, some external funding, it will be used to redeem those old tokens for sure. Like immediately. Because we don’t need a situation because it’s really like bringing us down.
So it’s like really pressing on us really hard. We are very resilient. But maybe we could use that energy for something else at least.
I what reasons would we see investors speed up gateway maintenance? Maybe they can just participate in WX project. It’s a decks, of course, but we can structure it as a proper company with equity and such. It’s possible.
So they could just buy a share in the project and fund that they spent will be used on tokens redemptions gateways. There is no gateways anymore, guys. There is fees.
Fees, swap fees. And if the volumes go up, the fees can be lucrative. Very simple.
The only way you can make money with decks is trading fees. There is no way, there is no other way for the team that maintains the decks to make money. There’s only one way to allocate a portion of those fees to the team or to the investors, shareholders, no matter what you call them.
Each team working on 1000 transactions per second. I think we had 1000 transactions. We already have them actually.
If you do simple transfers, not invokes yes, and actually for ways to point out, I think using like zero knowledge technology you can achieve more. You can achieve more than 1000 transactions. Have you thought about merging with another exchange? How would that work? Very different, technically.
So I think we need to push our own thing because it’s a good moment. I think very similar products to WX will become very important soon. Even like everybody loves Binary guy.
Even he is pushing this idea about centralized exchange. Not sex, but centralized exchange CEX that works like decks. Basically fully transparent, non total wallets and such.
And this is what we have already. We have to just maybe reshape it somehow and push it again. There’s a lot of ideas I wouldn’t do.
Like for example, I really don’t like to do any kind of derivative like futures. I think this is shit. This is just shit.
It’s very manipulative and I don’t think it brings any value. So what I would do, I would do leverage trading. When you borrow funds and you use funds to trade it’s better at least features are very I don’t like them when finance delist ways.
I don’t care about that. Guys, let them do whatever they want. I just don’t care about either finance or ways on finance.
Believe it or not, I don’t give a fuck. This is based off a question of our beloved friend. Hi Robert.
I love you too. Hello to the Netherlands. Can you tell us anything about the situation? We’ve locked our tokens for years and the contract terms have been changed and we’re stuck with nothing.
Like no, not like that. There was a period when you didn’t receive stake in rewards. But this period is going to be over because there was this proposal to re enable it and the proposal was accepted and it will be implemented basically.
Actually it’s not implemented yet, but it will be very soon and you will be receiving the rewards again. And on top of that, I think we will be able to we should actually vote for a different mechanics for WX tokens lock. Four year lock is kind of like too harsh.
I agree with you. So we enable some kind of flexible unlocking mechanism. Maybe some there are some curves.
Like you can’t unlock them for some time. Once this time it’s over, you can start unlocking them slowly. So something like that.
This is what I would like to have there. Because the model was like copied from Kerf and when you try to copy something you shouldn’t actually you should do your own thing at all times. And Karen was in a very different situation when they launched.
Great product, actually. I like it and it’s like very good technically. So the guys are awesome as developers.
And when they launched actually before they launched their token, they had around like 1 billion in liquidity because they were like at the right place at the right time. They could have launched it in any tokenomics or mechanics and be successful because they had 1 billion in TVL before the token launch. So I think we have to be realistic and understand that we shouldn’t copy other people’s economics and maybe make economics more suitable to achieve.
And I think we’ll do that’s trying to buy the Double X tokens and possibly pay back those tokens if there will be external funding. So if I keep 1000 CX, I might be able to withdraw it. Either you might be able to withdraw it or you can sell it at a higher price.
This is the idea. Actually there is like a constant buyback. The talking price will go up because there is buy pressure.
So eventually we don’t have to even close like open the gateways like redemptions. Because you will be just able to sell at a high price. That’s it.
Please. Or okay, what is it? I don’t know. But I said it, guys, because asked me yes, about the finance thing.
As I said, I don’t care only for you guys. But I don’t think they will delist actually, because there is some volume. But either the list I won’t cry.
I don’t know. Okay, I think you’re having fun. This is the most important for me.
Okay, more questions. I’ll check what means I don’t know all the memes. I’m not Elon Musk in this regard either.
He knows all the memes, I’m sure. One and Two team there are different under the hood. There is no XT.
And obviously because we decided not to jeopardize because I did not mention this. Some education, guys. If you see a lending protocol with some shift coins, just don’t use it.
Don’t use it. Those like pooled lending protocols can support basically bitcoin, ethereum, USDT and USDC. That’s it.
If you see any other token there, just run away because there is a risk that you won’t be able to take your money back from those platforms. It’s impossible to create a lending pool for a shit coin without risking other people’s money. Ah when XTN one dollars.
Working on that, man. Working on that. So XTN is shipment shitcoin is like okay, let’s make some definitions.
Let’s define things. So everything is a shit coin, which is not bitcoin, ethereum, USDT and USDC is kind of like somehow so liquidity is the issue. You don’t have that much liquidity.
This is a problem. Bitcoin and ethereum in terms of liquidity. I’m not discussing technical aspects.
Liquidity, they are not ship coins. They have like billions in trading volume consistently. All the rest doesn’t have it by definition.
All the rest is unfortunate. Even like top ten coins, you don’t have that volume. Sometimes you have a crazy volume under some pump or dump, but you don’t have it consistently.
You have consistent huge volume for a few seconds in crypto, like blue tip tokens. And if you see a learning protocol that offers you some kind of profit for your USDT and for example, like small tokens, even maybe like top 100, you should be very careful. And if it’s just a new token and you can participate in those pools, I think you will have a major issue when you try to take your money out of the pool.
When WX launch path. Yes, I think after the waste doll proposals are live and accepted. Next step to do ideas and we will do some ideas again when WXP Two implemented.
Can you remind me what it is? I have a very bad memory for those abbreviations. Really? Can you just remind me what it was? NSBT Serf. Yes.
Simon. What’s her name? If you’re Russian, it’s probably Simon, but I’m not sure that you’re Russian. So he asked me about NSBT Serf.
Yeah, NSBT Serf is like heavily dependent on XTM situation. I think XTM situation should be getting better soon because a minor’s proposal, viewers proposal, I have a couple other ideas should be getting better. So in this case, Surf and NSBT will do fine because it will be used to actually make XTN work if I get it right next week with dollar voting.
Yes, absolutely. There is some small things that were not complete that were not completed this week. But they are really small.
So the guys are telling me that early next week the voting will be live. Why cocoa and delisted only external and not waste? I think you should reach out to them and ask them to delist waste. Very simple.
If you’re unhappy about this, would it be a good idea to add Tsunami to WX, allowing you to leverage trades straight from WX? A new idea for me. Let me think. I have never thought about that actually.
I wanted to do leveraged trading, not futures, but like leveraged trading when you borrow funds to trade. I like this mechanics better. But Tsunami is a great product actually.
And I think it’s pretty safe because the maximum leverage is an accessing and it’s okay, I guess it’s like safer. But there’s still like it’s very hard to do those derivative markets in a decentralized way properly. If you want to have a very high leverage, it’s going to come back at you.
Yeah, great question. Netherworld, thank you for the avatar, by the way. I think it’s awesome for the channel.
It’s very crazy and this channel is crazy. So you have created the correct avatar on the channel. So WXP, this is about taking rewards.
I think it will be implemented until the end of May actually. So it was voted for some time ago and there is a lot of things on the Blacks now. But it’s coming, guys.
And Robert from the Netherlands who hates my guts but asked me about those rewards many times. Robert from the Netherlands is coming back, don’t worry. East governance token is orient.
Yes, it’s like oriented east, obviously, as you know in Latin. Yeah. Hopium is increasing for weight.
I’m not selling you hopium. I’m not good at that. When you add Vires to the collateral prices.
So the price went down. Yes. There is like a lot of selling pressure for XTM.
I think we need some kind of like some mechanics that will allow to burn a lot of XTM. And this is what we are working on. Currently there are two proposals.
One for the miners to use one third of mining rewards to buy back XPN and burn it without mercy. Just burn it like burn motherfucker. And the other proposal is Vires proposal to use protocol profits for the new markets on Vires to buy back and burn.
There’s two proposals at the moment and maybe something else will come up. Orient. Orient east.
Yeah. I appreciate all your artwork and memes with me, guys, like I’m not famous, but in this community I. Have some traction.
I love you too. Are you going to add eggs to the treasury? As I said before, I think at the moment it won’t do any good. So let’s maybe revive the ducks a little and then we will add it.
I have a couple of ideas, but I need some time to implement them. So I’m focusing now on waist 2.0 and on XTM and everything around it.
So there’s a lot of things and basically there are a lot of people in waves still. So I’m really working 24/7 guys. I have some, but it’s okay.
Why? No improvement in external process. Half year. As I said, we need to implement, probably buybacks and burns to move the needle.
To move the needle, as I say, to make an impact, to make a dent in this situation. But it’s coming. You have 1500 million XTM.
No, there are locked in viewers, so I don’t have them actually. They are locked for people who are stuck in Vires. So I just can’t take them.
They exist, but they are locked in Vires. Yeah. Pump it.
Pump it. If most of the team has been fired and and Bram RM work without salary. I think Bram is the product lead now and RM doesn’t work anymore.
And I have a couple of ideas actually. But this is not the right time. So I think we need to maybe not even revive the Docs but revive the act token.
There is a subtle difference here, if you know what I mean. We have a lot of products with use cases. You’re wrong.
But Sign is good product actually. And I think actually you should talk to Christoph. Maybe there has to be something new for people to be excited about.
Maybe new token for science, something I don’t know. This is not my product, not my project and can only be an advisor in this case. It’s pretty false to decide what he wants to do is fine.
And maybe some people from his community can propose something. How are things going with this? I’m talking there is some traction. It’s not going fast, but it’s going forward.
How many external? Actually I don’t have any external anymore. This is a problem, but we’ll figure something out. Here are some received details for us.
No, of course I won’t share because until it is like finalized and sealed, I can’t share obviously, because it can jeopardize the results, as you understand. More questions, guys? I think we are pretty close to wrapping this thing up. Sugar daddy idea.
What? Sugar daddy idea? Send your pictures galina. Like it’s a little bit premature to discuss anything else until you have sent your pictures. So on this funny note, I think it’s time to wrap up.
I think it was a good chat. I think this works. And I don’t have to speak.
You can just ask and I can speak. It works. Okay, so next time let’s do it the same way.
So I wanted to make some summary for the next week. For next week, once again wait, the voting for the treasury distribution okay, I don’t want to know actually, with the voting miners voting voting for inflation start, I think around Monday or something like that. There is like two active proposals, one on X, one on Vires, all related to XTM burning.
So check them out. Well, let me check my notes. Bomb buyback bot, not buy back bot, but like trading bot uses XTN to buy bitcoin ethereum.
We’re working on that and I’m not really sure now, actually, about the prospects of the crypto market though. But if you think that bitcoin will shoot up like crazy because of the hobby, maybe. I’m not so sure, actually.
Somehow I think it’s already factored in into the price. Maybe some news about 2.0. I understand that I’m promising it very often, but we’re moving forward.
There’s some development ongoing and I just want to finalize the idea, which will be brilliant. I’ll just like attach EVM to waste and be done with it. This is shift.
I don’t want to do that. It’s very easy to do, but I don’t want to do that. Something else? Yes.
Turkey Dow I didn’t mention. I think we will initiate turkey doll. There is a lot of traction within the Turkish community.
There should be some voting for this as well in Power Doll. So next week will be dedicated to Power Doll and to minor voting. East.
I take a look at east. I’m not promoting it. As I said, it’s not my project.
But I think it has a very nice mechanics. It’s pretty safe because it’s like dye mechanics. There’s going to be some improvements.
Dye is very far from perfect in terms of, for example, like mechanics. There are some improvements to be made from this model as well. And east is on it, so just check it.
I think it’s a good product conceptually and the team is very solid. I think that’s it. So a lot of things are coming.
Maybe we’ll have another AMA either like maybe before next Friday to discuss treasury proposals for the waste. Let’s see how it goes. Participate, stay tuned.
Ride on Waves we are with you. Despite all the issues and problems, we are moving forward and nothing can stop us. I wish you basically the same persevere and you achieve your goals s if you have them.
It’s very important to have some goals. So have a nice week. I love you.
All right. On waste. Power to the people.
Until next Friday.