Rosie and Phatdie


Two black and tan hounds, so full of fun
With mischief in their hearts, and joy in their run
Their wagging tails, and bright shining eyes
Betray their excitement, and hint at their guise

Rosie and Phatdie, both girls at heart
Are always up for a playful start
But their favorite time, without any doubt
Is breakfast and lunch, when Bonbon’s about

With noses so keen, they sniff at the air
Their tummies a-rumbling, with hunger and care
They jump and they bark, with all their might
Cuz they know that Bonbon will bring their delight

As she comes into view, they stand on their hind
A sight so amazing, it’s hard to unwind
And with a bowl full of treats, Bonbon does come
The hounds’ joy and excitement, they can’t overcome

With gusto and glee, they gobble it down
Tails wagging hard, eyes bright as a crown
And when they’re done, they look up and smile
For they know Bonbon loves them, and will be there awhile

Rosie and Phatdie, two hounds so grand
With love in their hearts, and extreme hunger demand
Their love for Bonbon, so pure and so true
A bond that nothing, could ever undo.