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Oh, yes, guys, we’re back. We’re back, even though it is late evening and it is Saturday. And in this episode, we’re going to discuss something very important, namely the number one most important chart to look at if you are in Bitcoin right now, if you are following the financial markets, if you are really interested in the economics, and why Bitcoin is heading to 100k, why it is going to ten k, and why it’s really inevitable, you really need to watch the CG. Why? Because we’ll be discussing this chart. This is the number one chart to look at if you are in the market. Why is it so important? Because this is the US government interest rate payments, how much the government has to pay in interest per year. And as you can see right now, it is coming to a trillion. It was just 600 billion just a few years ago. I mean, literally, we’re looking here at 2020, 2021. It has doubled in just a few years. And this is just the intro, guys. This is just paying off your credit card debt. If you compare to yourself. Imagine if you had to spend 20% of your salary each and every year just to pay off the interest. This is what the US government is doing right now. And the most important thing is maybe not the number, but the slope, how fast it is growing, how fast it is accelerating. This is so important. And also, this is why personally, maybe I’ve been too bearish, maybe I haven’t been bullish enough on Bitcoin and east and this whole ecosystem. Because you know that we’ve been discussing big numbers on the channel for quite some time. We’ve been discussing how Bitcoin is going to dominate the world, east is going to dominate the world. But the deficit is so large in the US. And if the US is starting to lose its position as the world reserve currency, if it’s starting really to reshape how we look at fiat currencies altogether, it is going to be gold, hard assets and Bitcoin that people run towards very quickly. Because again, US dollar is the best currency among fiat currencies. It is the cleanest shirt in the laundry. But the question is, why are we in this laundry? Why are we living in this dirty laundry with freaking dirty socks and dirty shirts? And here we found one shirt which is crap, but it’s the cleanest one among all dirty ones, and it’s the US dollar and it is hyperinflacing. And also we’re seeing the current problem with the deficit, which will mean that the government will have to take on even more debt issue, even more treasuries. At some point, there’s going to be less and less demand, which we discussed in the last episode. Just go back and watch the last episode. We talked about the fact that the Fed will have to step in and start buying these bonds by issuing new dollars and as you have the interest rates skyrocket like this, there is just going to be more and more demand for more debt. It’s very important because there is nowhere on the horizon that any party, neither Democrats or Republicans, will take this matter and fix the problem, which is the deficit. The deficit is not going anywhere. So that’s why I’m telling the transition from here it’s not to go into some bricks. Currency, Chinese yuan, it’s never going to happen. The US is the best currency, but all of them are crap. And the US right now is also becoming worse and worse and worse and worse as a currency, as workers of currency. So what is the alternative? You see, it is going to be crypto, 100% gold. Could also be is going probably to be a collection of hard assets. But crypto is going to play a massive role. Now, what’s interesting with this number, guys, look here. What’s interesting with this number is that this is more than the US spends on military. I mean, look, this is crazy. They pay more in interest rate than they spend on military. And you know that everyone is speaking about how massive US military is this and that is the biggest army, which it is. But look here, in May 2021, the President’s defense budget request for fiscal year 2022 was 715,000,000,715, while the interest rate right now is at 900. And you see how fast it is going up. So looking at the data, we come to the conclusion that at some point we got to exit the laundry. Yes, US dollar is the cleanest shirt in the laundry. We got to run from this laundry as soon as possible. As soon as possible. Saving our assets, saving our bags. Guys, we’re going to be discussing this more in depth. Welcome everyone who is watching live. Let me know what you think about this time. This is super late for me, actually. But we had to move around today. Today we didn’t have a morning show, so we do have a good evening. Crypto show. Let me know how you’re doing. Smash up the like as soon as possible. Subscribe to the channel. I want to see a like spike, guys. I want to see a massive like spike on the chart because I can see it in real time when you guys go heavy on the likes. Also, if you haven’t, check out our telegram channel in the description. Very, very important. If you haven’t joined the telegram for notifications, do it right now, because YouTube may not send you important updates. Especially as the market is coming back, especially as all starting to pump. Especially as this information becomes more and more time sensitive, which it really is in the bull market, where you really need to know what’s happening day to day, minute by minute, hour by hour. We’re going to be live streaming basically 24/7 updating you about everything you need to know what’s happening. So use the link below, click on it and join Telegram Notifications and pin it in your telegram so you never miss it. Now, what’s important to note if we are to move ahead a bit, what’s important to note is this. Right now, the US credit racing is at risk because basically what we saw right now with this chicken race where neither Republicans or Democrats wanted to give way, but they still had to do it because there is no other way out. And most importantly, it’s not even about the chicken race, which is public. The most important problem that the US has is that there is nothing inside that will do anything about the deficit. There is zero, there is absolutely zero in sight that will affect the deficit. In fact, it will just grow moon and skyrocket to bigger proportions. So this is what a Fitch rating company is saying. That the brinkmanship over the dead ceiling which we just saw, but most importantly, failure of the US authorities to meaningfully tackle medium term, but also in my mind, long term and short term, all kinds of fiscal challenges, okay? They cannot handle any kind of fiscal challenge. Not only medium term like the article says, it’s short term, long term, medium term, short, medium term, all kinds of terms they cannot handle. So that will lead to rising budget deficits. Well, we just saw the interest rate skyrocket. And also imagine the fact how high this is going to go as interest rates keep climbing. This is why, at the end of the day, the US government cannot survive on high interest rates. You will have the fed with Jerome Powell. They will have to stop very soon because it also affects the government. It affects the treasuries. Man, the interest rate is so high. You see how quickly it’s going up. It went from 600 billion to soon a trillion. And if you look at 2000, it was like 300 something billion. And it’s crazy guys. It’s crazy. I mean, what we’re witnessing right now, it is truly financial history. So they have a rising budget deficit and a growing debt burden signaling downside risk to us. Crazy worthiness. This is key guys. At some point, I think more and more Treasuries are going to be put like corporate Treasuries or investment Treasuries is going to be put towards crypto yield because in crypto you can actually get yield. Like we discussed with Staking and ETH, you can get basically risk free rate because it’s from the consensus algorithm that you get from ETH inflation, just like it is in US Treasuries. By the way, it’s also called risk free because it is from inflation. Anyway, this is something that most people are still not really grasping. I don’t think most people understand that the interest rate that the US government pays on its debt is now higher than the military budget. Did you know it? Maybe I’m the only one maybe that didn’t know it, but I haven’t heard too many people discuss it. But it is a fact, it’s a massive fact that is glowing us in the face. So it’s a very important thing to look at. I think we covered it pretty well. We’re going to go to Alts very soon. Also, before we do, you guys have been asking about tangent. Tangent is this hardware wallet where basically instead of writing down the seed phrase, you can tap a card. This is important. So if you use the link in the description, because we also got a deal where you get discount if you use the link in the description, number one, you get a discount to it and you support the channel most importantly. But the key thing is that I think this is really the way to do crypto in this bull market, where instead of writing down, you tap the card and the key is put on your card and you encrypt it also. So when you want to use it, you tap it on the phone, you decrypt it using your secret password and you have backups in the cards as well. So if you’ve been watching the channel for the past weeks or so, we’ve been speaking about that. At the end of the day, I don’t think that people are going to write down the seed word for long because we do have solutions. These cards are protected against scanning, so it’s not like if you have it, someone can just scan it. It’s all kinds of this I don’t know if you can check yourself, they have all kinds of info about how it works. But we’ve been discussing that it’s key to have different solutions because you never know what you hold in your hand. Ledger, you don’t know. Treasure you don’t know. I mean, even these cards, we don’t really know what we hold in our hands. We can trust them with all of this. Like I said, with the certification, auditing this and that, just like with ledger and with treasure. But at the end we don’t know what we’re holding in our hand. That’s why it’s important to have a multisig, like for example, Gnosis safe. And then you can have different kinds of hardware wallets like for example, Tangem or ledger or treasure. And you need, for example, two out of three or three out of five. It depends on how seriously you want to take it. But real crypto self custody is with multisig. It is with hardware wallets. And a new type of hardware wallet is this one, which is fantastic. I mean, this is fantastic, the fact that you don’t have to write down your seed phrase and you just tap the card. And since we found them a few weeks back and since then we have also onboarded them onto the channel as sponsors in affiliate. So when you use the link below, you get a discount, but also we get a few bucks for each one that you guys get. And the key thing is to diversify because the chance of both ledger and treasure and tangent, in this case messing up at the same time is basically zero. Ledger on their own, messing up, there is a chance, like we saw now, treasure on their own or tangent on their own. All of them can mess up individually, but all of them messing up at the same time is very unlikely. That’s why I’m saying multi. SIG guys, multisig, multisig, multisig. As we’re entering this new bull market, you need to decrypt to the real way. And the real way is multisig. There is no other way and there is no second best. There is no other way. Multisig and self custody. I think last bull market taught us not to use exchanges like for real taught us because many people knew not to use them, but still use them because everyone felt, yeah, this advice, it doesn’t affect me. I’m using very corporate exchanges, like with good corporate structure like FTX, there is fantastic. So, yeah, that was that. Let’s see, there is let me double check where the link is. If you’re watching the recording, there will be a link for sure. Let me just quickly double check this live stream. But there should be let me actually see if there is nothing, I’ll put it in the chat and then I’ll put it give me 1 second, let me pump the bit while I’m fetching this thing. I’m going to go here, I’m going to go here. I’m going to go here. There it is. Let me quickly just put it in the chat and then I’ll put it in the there it is. And then I’ll put it in the description afterwards if I missed it. But I normally don’t miss to put stuff. Let’s see. Oh man. Yes, it’s not there. Let me quickly put it tangent card, 10% discount. Bam. Okay, now it should be in the description as well. In the second part of the episode, we are moving into all the guys, we’re moving into the all coin market. We’re going to be discussing cardano, actually. Cardano guys always complaining. Why don’t you cover cardano guys? We have a big reason to cover cardano today. Big, big reason. Okay, let me see if I’m using the link in the description, I’m getting to the correct website. Let me try to check out on the website. If you click on order, then you’re going to get to the checkout and there the discount is applied. Okay guys, refresh the page if you want to see the link in the description. It should all be working now. Now let’s switch gears a bit. Now that we’ve been discussing bitcoin, the importance of it, we’ve been touching on self custody and why that’s important. And now you know that we work with tangent, you get a nice deal and ideally you should have several of these wallets with a multi SIG, like we discussed. Let’s speak about cardano. I mean, normally we joke about cardano that they’re always so sensitive. We miss to mention them one time. They get so sad. They leave comments all the time. Hey, Ivan, why don’t you speak more about us? This and that. And traditionally, honestly, there hasn’t been too much to say. Fully, honestly, there hasn’t been too much to say. Yes, they have staking. Yes, they have some small stuff going on. But now, for the first time, maybe ever, maybe ever, I think they really deserve a good piece of coverage. A good, good piece of coverage in a nonhumuristic, non joke format. Look here. If we go to Defy Lama, and then you scroll down and you see something important, weekly change in percent, you see 98% Min swap, which is like a decks on cardano. You can think of it like uniswap of cardano. And they are really growing quickly, even more. Let’s see if they’re still higher on the chart than Solana exchanges. Where is it? Mint swap is there. And then you look on Emmy is bigger than Camelot, which is on Arbitram is bigger than orca on Salana. Let’s see if there is other Solano exchange. Actually, I don’t see any other Salana exchange. It is ork on salana. And the Radium is down here. So, listen, right now, cardano trading volume is bigger than on Solana. If you look at just individual exchanges, let’s see how it looks like in terms of together. If you put them together, so Minswap is 10 million. Then you have Orca at nine, which is Solana. And then you have Radium at four. So together they’re still bigger than Minswap. But Minswap is not the only one. Where’s the other one? Sunday, right, where is the other one? Sunday is not here. But individually, individually, Min swap is bigger than any decks on Solano. I mean, that’s something. That’s something. Cardano guys, I give you that. I give you that. You still are smaller than like Avalanche. Trader Joe is still bigger. It’s still a long way to go, but it’s getting there. What can I say? It’s getting there. There are some meme coins, like Snake, that have been going quite good on cardano as well. But all in all, still a long way to go. But credit for credit is due 10 million. Volume, it’s still small, like in comparison to Unisop. Just to put it in comparison, Unisop has 800 million, pancake has 300 million, curve has 119,000,000. So having 10 million is actually very small. But it’s getting there. It’s getting there. And these things can go pretty quickly. I mean, especially if they continue this trend. Just a few weeks back, they had like 1 million, which is zero, basically. Now they have ten. It’s a non zero number. You compare to Sushi, for example. Let’s see where Sushi is. Sushi is kind of dead now. You remember Sushi, in the bull market, this was like the competitor to Uniswap. Now it’s kind of dead, but what is it? It has twelve. Man, it’s so small. It’s crazy. What is kyber swap? How many? Also, all of these things, they have become so small in the bear market. It’s crazy. Quick swap, like the number one decks on Polygon 19. So small. Crazy, crazy. See, the bear market really puts everyone into place. Everything that is not on ETH and is not a blue chip is dead. And the reason is because everyone comes back to the mothership. Bear market means now ETH is usable again. Now it’s still high fees, like if you compare to other chains. But still people are coming, still people are using. So that’s why I think that in the bull market, dasmo will truly see this protocol stake off. But for now, they’re going to have to be okay with this super small volume, like 10 million. And that is still good. That is still good. So anyway, congrats to cardano holders. Hope you are happy with that development. Well, you should be because at the end of the day, it all starts small and then it keeps growing. Let’s see if it continues. Looking at the overall market cap, we have everything quite sideways. We have Lido being still bigger and bigger. In terms of market cap, a lot of this is so important to understand from a centralization perspective, because the biggest problem with Lido is that it’s so massive. There are a lot of debates. If you go on Twitter, there’s going to be a lot of debate, you’ll see about how centralizing Lido has become to the ethereum Staking ecosystem, because everyone is using Lido finance. Because it’s so nice. You can go, you can buy staked ETH on Uniswap, you can earn yield. It’s so nice experience, but it is becoming quite centralized. It’s kind of like imagine in Bitcoin if everyone just used the same Bitcoin mining pool. That mining pool would be very, very powerful. And it is a centralizing force in the ecosystem. So you see kind of like that happening with Lido right now. And on a social level, we just need to ensure that the community knows to distribute the stake. Just like the Bitcoin community knows not to give all the mining power to one pool. On a social level, we know to distribute. It’s very important. The same thing needs to happen with Lido because Lido right now, when you look at how much ETH is staked, with how much basically St ETH has been issued, we’re looking at 13 billion. And man, it’s growing quite quickly. Let’s actually see how quickly they are issuing it because it represents, as you know, all of the east staked in their, in their protocol. If you look at the market cap and let’s see, let’s zoom out and see how that has grown. Yeah, I mean, it just goes up ever since here in January 2023. It’s just straight up probably will continue to do so. And the trend is crazy. I mean, this thing is the most popular staking option for ETH. Then there is also rocket pole ETH. If we look at this and then we’ll look at let’s see if you can look at market cap here, because I guess you can or no, I don’t think well, you can because the price of it increases. So yeah, you should see the same thing. This thing is also growing quite nicely. So what’s key here is that this thing catches up. You see it’s growing maybe even faster than Lido. Well, not maybe for sure it’s growing faster because we did see it in the stats, in the staking stats. So this is good. See, this is basically the social consensus working that on a social level, we don’t want to give one staking pool all of the power. Just like in Bitcoin, we don’t give one mining pool all of the power. So from an all coin perspective, you should know it because this is discussed a lot. If you are on Twitter, you’re going to see this a lot. You’re going to see a lot of discussions about ETH centralization through mining. So that’s about Lido staked ETH cardano. We just mentioned, if they keep growing the ecosystem fantastic. Fantastic. Also, the great thing with cardano, maybe the best thing with Cardano is that it’s natively staked and the most cardano is staked. So most cardano is not moving. It’s not moving anywhere. No one is selling that. They’re just earning more ada and that’s it. And that’s what you want. You want your community to not sell to just huddles. That’s why Cardano has a very good chance to go back to new all time highs in the next bull market and obviously even higher. Solano. Solano. Solana. Man, Solana has really survived one of the most crazy times in history of any coin where it went down 90%. Well, it’s still down 90%, but it went down like 95% or so. But most importantly, it survived and the losses have been very high. I mean, if you look at Salana now, it’s not super impressive. Let’s actually go in here and see what is this? This is not good guys. I mean, overall this is very low and a bit pathetic, I would say. Will it change? I hope it will change and I think it will change as the community is coming back. But Solana overall, I mean, what is this? It is supposed to be this chain where you have all kinds of financial use cases. That’s why they built Solano to be like Wall Street on chain. But the overall Dex volume is 25 million. Yeah, it’s crazy guys. It’s not good. And then you look at ETH overall it’s 800. So sometimes people have a bit of wrong perception in their brain when they think that Solana is like the competitor to ETH. They think about ETH is here and Solana is like up and coming and soon going to kill if he’s going to jump out out of the wood like a freaking tiger and eat ETH altogether. But then you look at the numbers, it’s night and day. I mean, literally, Solana is like a small dot and ETH is like a massive big fat circle if you draw it as a dot and circle. Now. Does Salanna have potential? Absolutely. I love that they’re still here even though they went down so much and FTX and all of that. But we need to call things their right name. And that Ethan Solana. They’re not really competitors. Like, it’s not even the same league. It is like Premier League or what is the other one? Yes. I’m not even watching football. I have no clue about football or soccer. So there is Premier League. What is the other one, which is big? Champions League. Freaking Champion. Exactly. Champion. Let me take some coffee, guys. I don’t know anything about that. I know mbappe in France. I mean, that’s basediano. Ronaldo, I know him as well. Who else? I know when there is World Cup. I learned a bit more so in 2018. I learned Mbappe in 2022. I didn’t even watch it. So I actually have no clue about the new guys. Is there some new MBAP? Mbappe. Well, I mean, I know Zlatan because it’s Sweden, but he’s kind of retired now or no, he’s still playing somewhere messy. Oh, yeah, I know the guy. Messi. I know, I know Messi. I know. Who the hell More? I know. I mean, that’s it basically guys. Germans. Germans, I know. Urzil in Germany. Who else? I know Beckham. But he’s like it’s like not even relevant nowadays. Tell me more. Pepper. Exactly. The pepper. Pepper gordy roll is the trainer. Right? But then there is like real pepper, the player. Right, but or no, sir. It’s freaking pep. It’s not even pep. It’s pep. Guardiola Not Peppa. Exactly. And he’s like a workout guy in the which team is it? Even national team guys, I have no clue. Namor. Exactly. Namor. I know, I know, I know. Namor. I know. Namor. I think they should exactly actually say Pele. Pepe. Oh, man. It’s not peppa. It’s freaking pelle. Exactly. I don’t know anything about that. I’m too much into crypto. I have zero interest, actually. But I like that. For me, it’s like another NFT collection. Some people collect my lady, I collect penguin. Like Padgy penguin. Some people are obsessed with this, like football players. It’s kind of like NFTs. You can say just like I’m speaking about all kinds to you and Cardano and Solana and all the DEXes. When people speak about football, to me, it’s kind of like that. I’m sure it’s the same when I speak about coins to them and they speak to me about football and yeah, I mean, for me, it’s like another planet. We need crypto, influencer, NFC card. Exactly. Who more maradona. Okay, maradona. There you go. There you go. Okay, guys. And then there is, like, American football. That one. I don’t even know the freaking rules, to be honest. But, I mean, that’s the thing. You got to know what you got to know. For me, it’s crypto. For me, it’s crypto. It’s all coins. It’s trading, it’s tech. And yeah, I guess also if you have parents who are into this stuff, you get also into the stuff. But because my family is not really into it, so it’s not like I was a kid and I got into it. So that’s why when you grow up, it’s a bit weird to go and support a team. Actually, I’m very interested in that. Have any of you in a grown up age gone and start to support a team? To me, it seems ridiculous. Like, out of nowhere, you go you pick up a scarf and you go nuts on stadium. I don’t understand how people do it and why, but it’s great fun if you like it. I guess it’s kind of like we do when we look at Alts. We look at Alts, we open this thing up, we go nuts. It’s like cardano guys. The cardano guys, they’re like these fans, they don’t even know what the hell they’re speaking about. They’re complaining about us not covering. Kind of like hex guys. It’s also like coming there and attacking everyone who is against them. I mean, kind of like ripple guys as well. So I guess it is very similar in reality, I think the football fans and crypto fans, we have a lot of similarities, way more similarities than you would expect. And just like in crypto, if you say something bad about someone’s coin and you may get in trouble with them, like, for real. Okay. You say something bad about Adam man oh, man. Or XRP or your man, you’re going to get fracked. He’s crazy. He’s crazy, guys. Okay, on that note, let’s smash up the like, count a bit and let’s continue. We can go here for a while. I just thought that we would pull up the chart here or the list and just talk about these things, and then let’s see when the show ends. Polygon? Well, I mean, yes, Polygon kind of the same problem. Like, it is 100 million, so I guess it’s better than ten or or whatever. Or whatever. SLANA was like, 25, but still, man, this is Polygon. It’s supposed to be like the competitor to eat. Not really it’s not really competition. It’s not really like an alternative. And I don’t know, by the way, if that’s true, what I said about they wanting to be the competitor. I think that in many ways, they are competitors, because obviously, when projects build Polygon, rather build have them being built on Polygon than ETH, but in their communications, they’re. Saying that they’re scaling ETH. But I’m just showing you that some of these numbers, they don’t make sense. But Polygon is one of the best coins in this bear market. It has held up very nicely. So Polygon is maybe one of the I mean, probably if I look at all of these other teams we mentioned, like Solana. Why is polygon below solana? Like, it should be on top. Why is polygon below cardano? It should be on top. Like, some of these things don’t make sense to me why Polygon is below. So out of everything we mentioned, probably Polygon is the most important project. But also, we need to see true Burning fans. Okay? So with Solana, you have that like you have devs that love devbing on Solana. And they’re not going anywhere. And also, they probably don’t know how to code on any other blockchain because Solana is so different on Polygon. I think that’s what Polygon is missing. Overall, there is no passionate devs that are like, no, I’m only coding on Polygon. No. That’s why we’re joking about the cardano guys. But it is their biggest strength. Being this crazy fanatics is one of the biggest strengths you can have as a project. So Polygon, I feel that they miss that. There is no, like, I’m a Polygon developer and all of you non Polygon devs, you’re freaking plebs. Okay? I’m polygon developer. I know my stuff. I know tech. I’m highly sophisticated. We have the best freaking tech here. And you, everyone else who are not on Polygon, get out of here. See, we don’t have that. We kind of have like that with Cardano and Solana. Maybe not on this toxic level that I demonstrated, but it’s a separation. It’s separation where we are this and you are that. We have our own way and you have your own way. You use the boomer take of ETH. And that’s the big difference between EVM and non EVM. EVM is easier to start, easier to get traction, but also you have no moat because then people can just live Tron. Well, Tron, I see this, like Galapagos islands of crypto where on Tron they have a few coins that do crazy volume. Like stable coins do crazy volume. That’s why I’m saying it’s kind of like Galapagos Island because it’s separated. Like, the normal laws of physics don’t really apply in Tron. They’re kind of doing their own thing. Let me actually see here. If we go to overall here and then let’s check, I will show you why it is really like real Galapagos in ways that most people sorry it’s here. So the reason is because, look, they have their own thing, just land. Because it’s like just in sun land. Just stables. Like, just in sun stables. Sun. Like, just in sun. All of it is just in sun. And most of this volume is stable coins. And then there is not a lot of other it’s not like new projects, launching new coins. The ecosystem is quite controlled, basically. But the volume is quite big. If you look at the volume, let’s actually see total value locked is big. Actually, let’s check the volume together. Let’s check the volume together. I remember it being well, I mean, it’s not that big. Actually. 52. Okay, so they have big TVL, but the volume is just 52. Interesting. Yeah, it’s even smaller than Polygon. But the TVL, let’s see then I thought about the TVL. Then let’s look at chains here. TVL, tron is number two. After ETH has 35 billion TVL. Tron has five. Okay, this is what I meant, that it’s not volume that they’re doing a lot, but TVL. They have crazy in their own Galapagos Island, you can say because of all of you guys watching here, how many have used Tron? Probably no one or a few. Or let me know actually in the comment section, how many of you are really using it just like Polygon or anything else. Sometimes I’m surprised. I mean, in my mind also, your own mind is kind of your own Galapagos. Like, I live on my own Galapagos Island where I’m interacting with my stuff. But sometimes I’m surprised. Like, for example, Phil, who is an art team, head of research at Morales. He knows a lot about Tron. That’s also why he knows a lot about Tron. And he was also successful on Tron. And this was like in way in the past, like 2021, 2020, when we started to get to know each other, I was fascinated because he used all kinds of DeFi stuff in ways that at least I didn’t think about. So that was very interesting. So all in all, that’s Tron for you, tron in terms of market cap, I have a bit of difficulty saying how it will go because I’m not really following it. So I just see it kind of like separate and then suddenly Justin San says something and pumps a bit. Overall, it didn’t even go to all time high. See, I don’t like this when things don’t go to their previous all time high. I mean, let’s see what’s going to happen. I’m personally not in Tron, but if it changes, if we see more interesting stuff, I will tell you it’s going to probably do well. But not my cup of tea. Not because there’s something inherently wrong. I mean, some coins is just I’ve never really been into Tron. I don’t see a lot of Tron. I’m not exposed to Tron a lot, like on Twitter, so I never hear about them. It’s just that sometimes I see them here in the top 15 and then take a look now and then moving on. Litecoin, litecoin, litecoin. Well, this thing, the meme is that like this silver to gold ain’t happening. Ain’t happening. It’s still going to be probably in the coming cycle for historic reasons. But you just look at it in bitcoin valuation and you see that what is the point of holding this? It just goes down through time in bitcoin. So there is no point. Guys, let me know if you want to discuss some specific coin, but don’t go into like don’t start chilling a bunch of stuff in the chat. Because whenever I say, hey, guys, which coin should we check? Someone is people put so weird stuff there. It needs to be let’s say it needs to be in the top 50. If it’s not in the top 50, we ain’t checking it. Okay, guys, that’s it on the topic side. That’s it on the different stuff that we wanted to discuss. Here again, reminding you to join Telegram. Guys, use the link in the description and join Telegram notifications. Because I want to ensure that the notifications are not dependent on YouTube. Because if YouTube sends notifications or don’t send notification, I don’t want it to even be a factor in our lives. Of course, it’s obviously fantastic when this can send YouTube sends notification. It’s too late, guys, when YouTube sends notification. But we can never trust it. Oh, let’s speak about something. Let’s speak about GMX, because I see someone posted it. It is one of the most pumped coins in this bear market. Because also it launched in this bear market. Let me actually see if it’s a good way to get in. I see someone posted it. I mean, it’s one of these coins which have a fantastic use case. I don’t know if you use GMX. If not, go and check our arbitrary video. Go a few weeks back and check the arbitrary video from Phil Man. It’s quite nice, I can tell you. It is quite nice. It’s very nice. Actually. The way GMX works is that it’s like buybit but decentralized. It’s like BitMax but decentralized. So in the next bull market, guys, I think this one is going to do well. There is a problem, though. It is 400 million market cap. So we’re not getting at like 100 million or below 100 million, which ideally is preferred at this point. But if you zoom out, always, you do have coins pumping, dumping, going sideways and then pumping again. So, like, here pump dump, sideways pump dump. A bit of sideways pump dump. Well, here is no sideways, or you can say like pump dump. And now we are in the sideways down. And here we’re looking at the let me see. Let me just look at the bitcoin valuation because that’s really what matters. We want to outperform bitcoin. So in bitcoin terms, this thing has been falling since February and now it’s coming to a nice support overall. Looking at the bitcoin valuation, it seems to be at support now. So if it doesn’t break down here in the coming weeks, I think this is a good opportunity. Not financial advice, obviously, but listen, GMX is not going anywhere. The use case is nice. The exchange is nice. So, yeah, I have nothing negative to say except for the prices maybe too high already, maybe that’s the only thing. But other than that, listen, if you want a blue chip, it’s a blue chip. Let me remove this sign, by the way, because 1 second. Let me just actually fully remove it because you can now see it in the description for the Tangem. And we’re speaking about the tangent wallet. If you haven’t tried it, I guess you should try it. Basically, you get this card that you tap. The key is placed on the card. No one can get it because it’s encrypted with your password. And instead of writing down your phrase, you put on the card each time you want to use the wallet, you just tap it with NFC and then you decrypt it using your password. And that’s your cold storage. Man finally we have a nice way to use crypto without being a stone age like writing words on the wall. Yo, Eric. What’s up? I mean, this is good afternoon crypto, but kind of late night crypto. The most important thing is to get the job done, okay? So each and every day I come live when it is normally it’s in the morning, but whether it is in the afternoon or a bit after, the most important thing is that it’s done. Atomic wallet. Wallet hack. Any insights? Sadly not. Sadly, no insights. Atomic let me actually Google it a bit. What happened? See, that’s why guys, you need multi SIG. You don’t know any particular wallet has problem, any particular hardware wallet, but let me check, I check. Atomic wallet hack. What happened? What the hell? Interesting, interesting. Received reports of walls being compromised. We’re doing all we can. Okay, so nothing else? Oh, guys. Man multi SIG. Multi SIG. All of my hard worked money have been managed from Atomic Wallet. Well, because if you use crypto in the way it’s supposed to be, it’s multi SIG. It’s multi SIG, man I mean, I really get upset when this happens because we in crypto should not expose users to these problems. That’s why I’m telling you. You use any kind of wallet, by the way, including tangent, including ledger, like, including anything, you don’t know what’s behind it is it open source? Not like who the hell knows if you hold the thing in your hand, you don’t know. Now, this is, as far as I know, a software wallet, right? Atomic but then also, how can you have all your money in Atomic Wallet? It’s also a bit of personal responsibility, I guess, because just if you had the hardware wallet, I guess it wouldn’t be a problem because then even Atomic Wallet doesn’t know your seed. It’s a shame always, but it’s always a bit of your own responsibility. Following best practice using at least a hardware wallet, man at least. And then it’s all how serious you want to get. But I really multisig. Yeah, what can I tell you? Yes, this is horrible. That’s not how crypto is supposed to be. But we just need more best practice education. Anyway, hope you didn’t lose. Have you looked into a project, something something? I’m censoring the name because again, guys with donations don’t mention small coins. They’re not going to get mentioned. Thanks a lot for the donation, though, I appreciate it. But no, I haven’t when I read the name, I haven’t matt in the bull market, in the last bull market, it was crazy. It was crazy. I mention a coin like someone does, hey Ivan, what do you think about coin, blah blah blah? And I say, oh, coin blah. I’m trying to be like respectful. I’m trying to be a bit respectful. Say, oh, coin blah blah blah. The young me, like me two years ago was like, let me check, coin blah blah blah. Then what happens? This freaking coin blah blah blah team, they cut out a video from the stream where I say, oh, coin blah blah blah. So interesting, let me check without knowing what it is even. And they say, Ivan mentioned our coin. Ivan mentioned our coin. They say, oh, so bullish ivan mentioned the coin. So from now on, man, I’m not mentioning shit if I don’t know it. I don’t mention anything. Zero. Now, in this market, it’s not a problem. It’s not a problem. But as for entered the bull market is going to be a problem. So I’m already now training myself to ignore the coin stuff. Thanks for all. Thanks, bro. Jack. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. I appreciate you. I appreciate the tip, man. You gotta be careful. People say influencer, man. So easy, you see to record videos, man. Do you know how many traps there are? There are many traps, man. There are so many traps. Yeah, yeah. Why can I pay morales money? You can pay yearly. I mean, monthly we don’t do because it’s too much admin for us. We need we need to find some software system for that. But otherwise we have to email and remind and remove access. But yearly you can do you get a nice discount also get yearly. Like, why do you need monthly? Get yearly. You’re serious or you’re not serious? Don’t get monthly. Get yearly instantly. Don’t mess around with this monthly, this and that. You’re in crypto, you’re not in crypto. Get yearly. Get it over with. Pay with crypto. That’s it. Easy, easy peasy. That’s it. Don’t pay monthly. Pay yearly. There you have your solution. No need to think a lot. Just get yearly, that’s it. I recently saw that you purchased paji paji paji paji paji. Yes, I mean, he’s there the paji. What do you think on other side? Metaverse from is it like the monkey metaverse they’re going to have overall, I feel that the monkeys board ape, they are enshrined in our culture forever. It’s part of online culture. So when I’m not excited but personally I’m not super duper excited about monkey. And the reason is that it’s already it’s already like big. Like it’s it’s already what it is. And also if you look at the future growth potential, I do believe that penguins can even be bigger than my kids because penguins are way more resonating with more people. And that’s why I think in the future we’re going to see them surprise. But actually you probably can teach me a bit about this because what is this? Is this the thing? So where is your monkey? Why don’t they even mention the tell me about it yourself. Some things you guys know more about. Like if you are in this kind of stuff, you probably know more about it. But is it the monkey universe or was it introduction? What is other side? Because if it’s a new thing, it’s not good for monkey holders, right? Anyway, I am my penguin and my penguin is me. Exactly. Apple VR AR partnership rumors. Well, it’s not going to be partnership. They’re going to probably announce the hardware VR headset Metaverse pump on Monday or sell the news. Well, it depends on if it pumped already. I haven’t seen too many. Let’s see, for example sandbox. Let’s see if it’s still pumping or if it didn’t even do anything. Well, I mean there is no sell the news because it didn’t even pump. Yeah, I mean it didn’t even pump. So what, what, I mean what sell the news? Normally sell the news is when something already pumped in anticipation of the of some kind of catalyst or event. But I know, you know, we’re looking here like nothing has pumped. So that’s why I don’t think it’s going to be sell the news because there is nothing to sell. No one has sold, no one has bought. Well, I have a Metaverse bag in anticipation of this. Let’s see what’s going to happen. Let’s actually check Gala. Yeah, maybe Gala did pump. I got some gala. But yeah, maybe it’s just that we’re smarter than everyone else or something. I don’t know. Normally you have the market buying this up. Yeah, see, there is no pump. What the hell? I mean normally you do see the market like overall pumping quite nicely up to some events. Let’s see, I’m putting where my mouth, my mind where my mouth is. When we discussed earlier in the week that it is an opportunity if Apple announces VR that coins are going to do well. I think so. Especially because there is no buy the rumor. No one has bought the rumor, only us. So that’s why there is no sell the news. If there is no buy the rumor, then there is no sell the news. What do you think about Happy? Well, Happy, I don’t know too much about their tokenomics. I do huddle some of them, some of Happy and the reason is because I like the team. Like, the team is so nice. They’re always happy to help different projects. I mean, overall, let’s see actually how the coin is doing. I don’t know too much about economics, how they built it, but overall, the team is very good at crypto security. Well, I mean, the coin is depends on when you watch. Now it’s $9 here. It was like $7 in May last year. So yeah, he tried to break the trend here but didn’t really work. Let’s see. I don’t know what to say about the coin because I don’t know too much about Tokonomics, but overall, the team is very nice. I can tell you that they are fantastic at what they do. But wait, is there another coin? Also happy because there’s also hacking. Okay. There’s also high, which is hacking. Anyway, happy to help. Well, I mean, just like we saw now with Atomic Wallet. I did see. Let’s see, I think I just when we covered this, we saw did we see them? They’re always on the latest yeah, here hacking already and yeah, and normally it is like that. Whenever there’s some like event, they always have some dashboard up. They have some investigation already. So anyway, let’s see. I think they’re doing a good job at remaining very relevant and being active. Have you ever looked in any other NFTs? Well, let me check the one you mentioned. I haven’t looked in many of them because I want something that is until guys, I will be very heavily into NFCs when we have them in morales money. Because in morales money, what’s important is that you can really see interesting things that happen on an onchain basis. So, for example, if I want to see coins based on experienced buyers this month, it’s very easy. I just put it here and now I have all coins ordered by this, or I can do this for this day. Okay. And then I get another list now ordered by Daily. So I feel that here I have an edge. I know what’s happening with NFT, man, without having something like this, it’s a bit blind. Okay, you’re a bit blind. So when we’re going to add NFT stuff to morales money, which is going to be similar like this, you can see like NFT collections based on experienced buyers, this and that, then I will be exploring way more right now, I’m not exploring too much, but also because how many NFTs? Because there’s a difference with penguins. I’m not trading penguins. I have this penguin, I’m going to hold him until 2025. That’s it. The NFCs are always double. It’s one for collecting and another like another way of thinking about NFCs is trading. And both of them are very big. I’m not trading NFCs because I don’t feel like I have an advantage. I don’t have nice tools like we have with Tokens on morales money. So that’s why I’m saying once I feel that, okay, now we have a nice advantage in the market. We’re going to be trading more. Now it’s more like collecting and buying something, which in two years may become like 200 e floor. But anyway, let me check. You said, is this frogs or what the hell is this? Well, I like this. Let me so you you mentioned the plague. I just wanted to check if it’s like some scam or something. But yeah, this is good. The trend is up. And that’s what you want to see, the volume? Yeah, I mean, they’re saying like hundreds per day. This is good when the trend is up. But overall, I don’t feel with NFCs that yet. I have an unfair advantage, man. With tokens, we have a really like, we can see net volume, guys, if you are in Morales manual, you can see net volume. This is like the sniper rifle, okay? Because net volume is basically how much volume is buying versus selling. That is the signal of FOMO, when more dollars are going in than out. We have experienced buyers. Like, we have so much stuff, which gives us a massive edge. With NFT, we don’t have it yet. So that’s why I’m not too crazy into NFTs yet, because for me, it’s just like collecting stuff that I think may do well in two years. Yeah. Will you add polka to Morales still bullish on Moonbeam? Well, I think it depends on the volume because now we’re adding solana soon. But let’s say Moonbeam, for example, here, and then it’s too small, unfortunately, because I think in order for there to be interesting look here, look here. What what I don’t want to happen is that we integrate a chain and then it’s like optimism. And you go here and like, why the hell did we even implement it? There are no new things. It’s dead, guys. There is nothing happening. I don’t want this. We add some chain and it’s like no action. Or let’s see phantom. Why there is nothing happening. So we don’t want a bunch of chains that are like that. At least it needs to be if I choose pulse and then I remove this because we don’t have security score working. You see here, at least there is something here. In Optimism, even without security score is like nothing. In phantom there is nothing. Orbitrom is like I feel a good one where security score works. Let me put it back. See, I mean, this is like the bare minimum that there’s like some stuff. But you see, even on arbitrary, I cannot scroll because there’s not many results. Binance chain. You go here. Now we’re talking. Binance chain. Now we’re talking. Okay, so that’s why when you ask about Moonbeam, I think if we add Moonbeam today, there’s going to be like one coin for a query, like 100 experienced buyers. So that’s the only problem I see overall with small chains it’s going to be interesting to see with Solana because the reason we added Solana is again, we went maybe a bit too much by gut feeling. Because if I saw that they just have 25 million volume when we made the decision to do Solana, which was made like months in the past, because we need to do the tech and it’s not like EVM. We need to learn a lot, man. Maybe we wouldn’t do it even now Solana yet because but we’re gonna have it soon. But the volume is so small, I don’t even know if there are many new coins there. Maybe when you go to Solana, you search and it’s dead. And listen, Morales Money, like I’ve been telling you, this is the best way to see if the chain is dead or alive. Because again, if a chain let me remove the security score does not work on Pulse chain in a good way, because they don’t have ether scan. And without ether scan, there is no way to verify contracts. So you don’t know if it’s like a Scam or not scam because you don’t know the source code. So let’s remove security score. And you can just look at different chains. You see that if it’s dead, it’s that you can also go to new coins. So here is like a live feed of all new coins being minted on different chains. On ETH, obviously, there is stuff all the time. If you go to Binance, there are stuff all the time. New coins being minted in real time. You go to Polygon, not a lot. Like, nothing. Arbitrarium. Nothing in the last hour. Phantom one coin. Optimism? Nothing. Pulse chain, some coins. Wow. What the hell? People pushing scam coins everywhere on Binance, just in August. A lot of these coins, they’re scammed because yeah, we’re looking at all coins created on Binance chain, man. They’re pumping out stuff every minute, almost. Binance chain has no shortage of new coins, I can tell you that. They don’t need any assistance. They’re good. So, yeah, I’m very interested about Solana, guys. When we add it, how is it going to be? Because on one side, it’s freaking Solana. On the other side, you look at the numbers, it’s freaking only 25 million. Let’s see. I’m also excited. Eric Kusman morales money. Work rocks. Thanks, bro. Thanks, Ro. Thanks. Thanks for sharing. It also in your socials. I need just me to pump, I hope oh, man, I accidentally mentioned it. He’s like, I hope Ivan mentions it. Do you think crosschain DEXes, like THORChain and Maya will be a big narrative? Well, yes, conceptually, I like it. And practically also it’s very nice. It’s very nice, practically, that you can have basically a bitcoin transaction that you send and then it arrives on ETH. There is something powerful with that. And I think that Trustwallet has Thor chain, I think. Who else has it? Like, there are a few big ones that have THORChain integrated. What is that? Fox app. They have Thor chain. Yeah. I don’t understand why the volume is so low, though. That’s the only problem I see with Thor chain. The idea is so nice. We even have a full interview with them on Morales channel, morales Web stream. But the problem is that it’s Thor chain. Let’s see, where where can I see the volume of it isn’t like Thor chain, like a deck. They should be, but anyway, it’s like, super small. People are not really using it, and maybe it is before it’s time. Maybe it’s going to be big in the future, or maybe we’re just going to do this cross chain trading via uniswap forks or some kind of arbitrary somehow they start sharing liquidity. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just not the correct format that people like. But conceptually, it should be big. It should be bigger than it is right now. Torching so let’s see how it evolves. Thoughts on elron. They’re building well. Elrond I know. They’re fantastic. Devs the team is fantastic. Very passionate, very yeah, very good. In terms of volume. Let’s look at the volume, what they have. Elrond sorry. They’re called multiverse X. Oh, yeah, there it is. Yeah, it’s too small, guys. I think it’s up and coming, I’m sure, but yeah, a lot of chains, they’re back to very small now because ETH is too good, guys. Why would you use anything that is not ETH? I think I now understand why ETH is so difficult to compete with. And the reason is that the fees are not really a problem overall for value stuff where you have real value. It still feels better on ETH. Like, for example, with the penguin. I don’t want Penguin on any other chain than ETH because, like, collectibles stuff of value. I don’t want it to be on some cheap chain. I want to be on freaking ETH. There is something to that. I’m thinking about it more last few weeks because I have subconsciously been thinking that all the time, but I haven’t really expressed it because logically, you think that you need lower fees. Logically. So low fee chain means good. But actually, if I had the chance, someone told me, hey, Ivan, we can move your Penguin to Polygon. No, don’t move it to Polygon. Don’t touch it. Don’t move it to polygon. It needs to be on ETH, or we move it to arbitrary. Absolutely not. Man. It’s on east. Yeah, I want it to be on the most premium thing. Okay. Now, obviously, day to day transactions, trading $20 here and there, you need layer twos, but will that produce? But also, what is the conclusion? The conclusion is that I think now it makes sense why this is so small. Like, 1 million. Because the real stuff is not traded on cheap chains. It’s traded on ETH. And then yeah, I mean, you want to do some $20 here and. There small transactions, then it makes sense to do it on smaller chains. But then how much volume will you accrue in that way? Maybe a million, maybe that’s good. But yeah, I mean, some interesting overall thoughts on that. ETH is always going to be ETH. Even if you’re faster, you do something else. It’s a bit about like it’s not supposed to be cheap, it’s supposed to be the best, the securest. And then if ETH is sometimes cheap, like now, fantastic. If it’s more expensive in bull market, obviously it’s not nice to pay a lot of fee and transaction fee, but it’s still east. There is something to that that I haven’t really been speaking too much about in the past. But anyway, any excuse from if. Maybe it is like that. But no, I mean, really, I don’t care about without speaking about the bags. And I do have a lot of if, but without speaking about the bags. Just conceptually. Imagine you have okay, imagine all your wealth is in crypto and it is in one NFC, let’s say. Where do you put it? You can put it on ETH, polygon, arbitram, solana. Where do you put it? If you have to put it somewhere, you got to put it somewhere. Anyway, moving on, we still bullish on Pulse chain. Well, absolutely. It’s the early days with Pulse. It’s basically around the sacrifice price or something like that. Let’s see. But before Richard comes out and starts streaming, I don’t think it’s going to go much higher. Maybe it’s going to go back to where it was like the sacrifice price is around three zeros and one. But the reason why I don’t think it’s going to go much higher is because there’s like too much different views. Like the community is not like it was in the past. I remember in the past community was like Super United. But last few weeks, since the launch of Pulse, more and more of this community is becoming a bit like they’re trying to look at what Richard said in the past and it’s like different Bibles, different factions. No, he said this. He must have been this. He needs to come out and do some streams because if he does that and we get basically, I mean, he needs to repeat the recipe that made Pals big. Sorry, hex big. And that was to do streams. Update. Yeah, speak about what’s happening and share the alpha. Because now that he is gone, we have new kinds of influencers. And by the way, they’re all fantastic people. There are a few on Twitter, actually. Pulse has many women who are in the project and that’s very good overall. It’s very good that we get more interest from women. And listen, I’m not vogue. Some people can say, oh, Ivan, you’re so vogue. We want more people to be involved and women are 50% of population. You want your bags to pump, why decline 50% of population? That can buy in. Okay, so don’t write me vogue stuff. It’s not vogue. It’s very pragmatic. You want more people to be in crypto and invest in crypto. You cannot discount 50% of population. And just in general, for example, when you look at kids, when kids learn, they look more at the parent of their own gender. They’re more inspired. They want to imitate that person more. So having big people who are influencers, thought leaders, this and that, that are women, it’s helping us to grow us into the 50% of population we’re missing now. But the point is, it’s not even that, is that I don’t think that it’s good enough like it was with Richard. We need Richard. It is what it is. We need Richard. It is what it is in terms of influencers. It is organic. We have a fantastic ecosystem of influencers there. But Richard is rich. Like, it is what it is. He needs to be back and there is no second best. So that’s in terms of pulse, if he comes back, man, just one stream. The fundamentals of it increases a lot. Yeah. Pulse is ESG compliant. There you go. Down. Okay, let’s not go there. Like, no gender stuff. Like, let’s move on. I find it’s ridiculous. It’s so infected. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. I don’t want that. We want all genders. The more people with money in crypto, the better. Everyone who has any kind of dollar balance should convert it into crypt as soon as possible. And whether you have something hanging behind between your anyway, let’s end it there. Guessing late, guys. Let me pump up the beat. Let me end the stream. Thanks a lot for being here. Thanks a lot for contributing to the stream with good questions, answers, debates, discussions. See you all when? Tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re going to be back with another stream, another alpha, another injection of fantastic knowledge. That’s what we always do. So go and check out number one, the telegram. Join it right now so you never miss any alerts. Check out the Tangent, who we’re now working together with on affiliate basis. So you get a nice discount if you use the link in the description, you get the wallet. Very fantastic. You support the channel. And on that note, see you guys. Bye.