Sasha Ivanov:

It’s. Hey guys. Sorry, I kind of forgot about this. So let’s get started without further ado. And as last week, we have the same A. We are like having the same A in the fault chat. It’s not so much fun now here, so we need to make more thought probably here. So let’s get started. And as usual, I am making some review of what was happening in Ways last week. And then you ask me questions. And I think you can just time your questions. You can of course speak up and ask the questions orally, like using your voice, okay. As well, if you want, but if you don’t, if you’re too lazy or you’re really anonymous or you are a troll, whatever, you can just time them in the chat. I think it works pretty well. So what was happening last week? And let’s probably focus on today’s event. Basically, we’ve launched, finally we’ve launched voting for the Doll. And there is like several proposals, I think three or four I haven’t checked. I think at least three proposals from different teams. And a couple of our teams will make their proposals next week. So we are live. It’s time to load, guys. It’s time to move. So if you have any project on Ways, if you want to do something, you can apply for those funds because as you probably know, I don’t think there’s too many notwave people here. So probably you follow this. You know that this Wave Dow is pre funded. There is some funding donation from surplus funds assumed on Vires. It’s a long story, but let’s not go into too much detail right now. But there is like close to $1 million. There maybe a little less now because of exchange rate. And basically the idea is to distribute it to projects on Waves. So it’s time for you to participate. And who can participate? People who stake their power tokens in Waves go. New people will be able to participate in three months. This is how it works. There is this like settlement period which will happen in three months when the KPI are measured. KPIs are measured and settled. Stakers receive profits or slashed. They are not making any profits. But I think it’s like for the first trial run, I think there is not going to be any slashing, but in future there will be slashing. And it means that you will be able to join the fund in three months if you haven’t yet. So that’s how it works. But in any case, if you have some projects and Ways or maybe some projects just in general, come and post your ideas on the forum. And if people like them, they will vote for them and they will probably provide you with some funding. So it’s on. Please participate. This is very important for Waves because it’s something that should actually push our ecosystem forward. And I have very high hopes for it. I hope that this is going to be like the main vehicle for funding on waste. Basically everything should be decentralized and our goal is just to create mechanisms, not to lead the mechanisms or lead the people towards the bright future. This is not what we are trying to do. We are trying to create a mechanism for people to lead themselves. So it’s different. And I think this is like a very good step forward. Despite that we don’t have that much funds and despite all those problems that we are facing, we are moving forward and nothing can stop us. So this is the multiple. This week finally happened. What else was significant? Maybe like this is something I’m thinking about right now. So probably let’s just answer your questions and maybe when I remember something else, I’ll review it. So let’s just take a look at the chat. Sorry, microphone, can you hear me well? Please, somebody tell me. Guys, can you hear me? Okay, thank you. So, yeah, not much activity, but it’s okay, we are very close. Circle tightly held together. Okay, so let’s just get started with the questions and please give me more. Hello, question for the jacques KR is asking, do we lose our lock BTC? Wxg on Vires? Is action from me required at the moment on my lock BTC? No, you’re not going to lose it. You can’t withdraw it immediately. And there’s also a proposal on WX to channel the tokens that are being bought back on WX to those markets. And this is a community proposal, you need to understand that. And there is a guy who came up with this proposal, it seemed to be like reasonable and it was put up for voting on WX. If you think that it is like a reasonable proposal, you should vote because I don’t see that much activity. And after all, it’s a community proposal. Guys, please vote if you think it makes sense. This week on Vires, there was a proposal accepted that a portion of protocol profits should go to resolving that bad situation on version one. So there is not much activity on zeros yet. Maybe we should come up with some other proposals. I think that for example, 20% maximum interest is probably too low. It should be maybe 40. Maybe we should go to this proposal next week. And in general, your situation will be resolved together with general improvement of waves situation. So guys, please be patient. Maybe we’ll come up with some other things to make it faster. So for now, please stay put and please participate in various governance because this is all meant to basically help resolve the situation faster. Why can’t you start the redemption with small Wxg tokens when there are almost no problems? Not all the tokens on WX have issues, but it just takes time and it will be done one by one. So really believe me that it’s not so easy. Actually, due to a lot of legacy on WX Gateways. All WX Gateways and the guys are a little bit overloaded, but they will move forward with maybe like several seconds each week because the withdrawals were canceled and now they can focus on this. So this thing will move forward and it will be resolved because there is not much problem with smaller tokens. This week BUSD was swapped into the new tokens, into new Bridges tokens and I think it worked out quite well. Say something upcoming to be able to make my summary high. Galena, happy to see you as always. So next week, yes, I would like to focus on the proposals for power goal. There is like several proposals which is important for the ecosystem to move forward. Also, I haven’t mentioned the miners proposal. Miners should help the ecosystem as well because they’re basically helping themselves. So guys, I think you understand that your decision matters now. So it’s like decentralized, but I suggest that you consider it really closely and you make the right decision. The modern proposal I think is pretty balanced. It tries to combine different things. There is no ideal solution to this, but I think this one is pretty balanced. So please vote for it because I think it’s a great way to basically kick start the ecosystem. Right now the voting has started. Some miners voted already. It’s not like finished yet. So if you have any questions we can discuss further in the Notes chat, I’m always available and I explained my reasoning many times, but I can do it again. If you have any ideas, questions, let’s just discuss because I think this decision has to be made collectively. There doesn’t have to be any kind of pressure. Let’s just be on the same page. How do you like the idea of making an additional fees for the withdrawal and deposit of Pepper tokens which will go to the buyback of WXD? I wouldn’t mix the two projects because Pepper is like a different thing. So if we try to attach some legacy to it, it can basically kill Pepper. Not kill, but maybe really hamper its progress. I wouldn’t do that. Let’s just keep things separate here so maybe we can come up with some other cash flows for the buyback. Still obviously talking to VC Fund, there is some progress. It’s not going to happen fast, but I think something will happen within maybe a month or two. Please ask more questions so I have things to listen to while drawing. Thank you for your beautiful avatar. For the group question from Sasha. What’s the most important piece of DeFi on waste currently? Let me think a little. Yes, some DeFi overview actually on ways of some things that are coming. There’s a new project launching for now. There’s a proposal already in power. This is actually and it’s leveraged youth farming. It’s not a new idea. There is a couple of projects like that on Ethereum, but it’s pretty interesting. So basically the idea is to allow you to earn more money if you do your farming. Basically you borrow some funds and you can have some leverage in the pools you provide liquidity for. It’s an interesting idea. It worked out pretty well for a couple of projects on theorem. So I think this is a missing piece that we didn’t have on waste. Now it’s coming larish field farming. Also there is another project on waste which is called Tsunami. I think we raised actually, unfortunately currently we don’t have that much resource, but with a very limited funding, actually the team was able to come up with a very beautiful product. Actually, I think you should take a look at Tsunami. It’s basically the decks for derivatives and now they’re creating new mechanics on Tsunami for spot trading. So it’s going to be also a swap protocol like Uniswap, probably closer to some other protocols with more advanced automatic market making formulas. Basically, I forgot its name. Basically the idea is to create more efficient swaps. So there is an Oracle price which is used to move the distribution of liquidity and it makes slippage less. So it’s pretty interesting. So we didn’t have that yet on waves like more complicated automatic market making approach and now it’s coming. So basically we have everything that was created on our chains. What could be missing though, let me think. Actually we have everything probably. Maybe I’m not suggesting that we should do that right now. Lending protocols, Vires of course, puzzle mark, puzzle lending. And I think those pooled lending protocols have their issues basically as you know. So probably it would be good to maybe come back to that idea of peer to peer lending. Because initially lending protocol started with this. It was all peer to peer. The first approach is even like the most famous public project. Avi initially had a peer to peer market for loans and then they came up with Pooled idea, which works pretty well in terms of bringing new liquidity. But it does have some issues. Maybe we could think about creating some peer to peer protocols that don’t have those issues. And now those issues are inability to withdraw funds in certain conditions. And it’s not only always so it’s not only zero, there has been similar situations in other protocols on different chains. So maybe we should think about that. And as for DeFi, maybe I have to think a little bit more what is missing because there is a lot of so many people are doing DeFi right now, it’s pretty hard to come up with something unique. And if you want to come up with something totally new, probably you should just maybe move into some other direction because DeFi is like exploring only one direction, I guess, currently. So it’s coming from basically Uniswap, from pool liquidity and maybe we can just step aside and think about some other approaches. Okay, sasha LTC any update? Yeah, I think buyback should start very soon. Probably try to talk to sport team and make sure that smaller tokens which have issues like LTC will be bought back starting from next week. Galka in Waste 2.0 will be burning mechanics. I think it will be even before actually for the current chain. I think we need to come up with some burning because it could actually somehow cancel out the surplus inflation which we have now. I think we need this inflation right now. But on the other hand, it would be good not to inflate the supply too much. So burning of fees could help. Not all the fees, but 50% of the fees, because you can’t burn all fees because in this case miners don’t have an incentive to include transactions in blocks, which is not good. But you can burn half when XTN trading blocks. Yeah, good question. There is something to be done here for this unlocking of XTN and next week it could happen. Sasha when galena Admin Good question as well. So we need to decide for this group. Either we use community ban bot, voting bot that can ban accounts through a voting procedure when people vote to ban some account and it is banned, or we point some people here to be moderators. It’s up to you guys. I actually like the first idea better because it’s like decentralized. And what are we doing here? We are doing decentralization despite all other problems issues. And we are here to decentralize. We are here to decentralize. So it would be strange if there is only one moderator in this group. So let’s try to make this group properly decentralized. Not so many people here today, but it’s okay. Maybe when you don’t have that much news, it’s good news sometimes, at least during the troubling time we are facing right now. And I don’t mean waste, I mean in general, waste is not hit so badly. Also memes as always, high. Our Korean community, I would say like the most important member in our Korean community, which has been supporting us for half a year. Hi, my friend. Although cryptocurrency market is weak, Koreans have recently increased their interest in ways due to the good news of it. Exactly. I forgot to mention that because there’s some kind of like old news. I think it happened at the beginning of the week. Yeah, on Tuesday. Abbit has finally removed the warning. They had this warning that basically prevented people from trading waste and also they have disabled the deposits. So basically made trading ways on buybit, like, impossible. Obviously. But anyway, like we have been in discussion with them for maybe half a year at least. I remember that we started this November last year and we were trying to explain to them that the situation that we had with USDM would have no impact on waste because it worked differently. Probably they were somehow afraid of the community reaction because of situation. So basically we explained them everything. And during maybe last month, we didn’t have much conversation, we were just waiting. And because we couldn’t do anything, the ball was in their court. But they came through finally and they removed that warning. I’m grateful the reason has prevailed, I would say, because I understand that USDM was a failed project and I admit that no problem with that. It could be abused. And at the end of the day, it was abused. But it’s not luda in any case because it has no connection to waste, like no technical connections. And finally we were able to explain it. And I’m grateful to them because I’m not a big fan of centralized exchanges, as you know. But it doesn’t matter because it’s always about some kind of people relations. And I am glad, and I am grateful that we were able to find some common ground. So I’m happy, and I’m happy to be able to maybe promote waste technology in Korea because we never actually did that consistently. There have been some attempts before, like maybe like very sporadic attempts from time to time, a couple events, couple meetups, but we have never been consistent. And I think we have a very big Korean community, at least people who hold waves, but it’s a good start after all. So maybe we should double down and try and promote waves in Korea. Maybe I’ll come there in summer for some meetups. Let’s see how it goes. Okay, I have a question. Is there any plans to decrease the vesting dates depending on the price of XTM? Basically, if we are able to increase it somehow not somehow, but through the things that we’re doing right now. For example, the miners proposal. Because if it is accepted, extend should do much, much better because a very significant portion of waste supply, waste inflation will go to extend buyback and all the extent that will be bought back is burned. They should increase the price considerably. And in this case, probably we could come up with some proposal, some governance proposal to decrease the western days. Oh, nice meme. Russian girl and beautiful face. Yeah, don’t know her name, but she’s cool. Alexander of Sasha. The question about new projects, maybe it would be better to invest in development of the new projects instead of saving the old where people just sell their tokens. So yes, there is this proposal from Puzzle today that had this issue last week when they were hacked through the Oracle. Basically it’s a very common attack in DeFi, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I think you should help puzzles. Vladimir came up with this proposal and I support it because I think Puzzle is important product for waste. And Vadimur is a very active, engaged developer and they have a lot of things, actually. They have lending, they have swaps, they have NFC markets, they have a very bright future, which of course depends on the future of waste in a way. But they’re like independent team and I think they have their own pipeline. They have been independent for many months, maybe. Basically, Vadimir is like an independent developer on Waves. So I think you should support him because supported him to support Waves. And I think Puzzle has a pretty well balanced tokenomics, actually. And Vladimir is very active and has a very active community. It’s up to you to decide. But I would vote for the proposal. If you mean Puzzle, if you mean, for example, because some people think that this minor proposal is saving XTM, it’s not like that. It’s somehow like saving the ecosystem. Because if we are able to resolve this issue with Xtmusdm, basically we can resolve all the issues in the ecosystem because it all boils down to USDN situation, more or less. And the USDN that is being bought back is not like Stashed way or reused, it’s just burned. Basically, we are deleting erasing the surplus of USDM which is not needed. And through this we in a way bringing it back to life as some kind of index token. But at the same time, don’t forget what this index is. It is the index of Waves ecosystem. So basically what we are doing, we are bringing Waves ecosystem back to normalcy. So it’s not about saving some project or saving some people or paying money to some people? No, it’s not about that. It’s like decentralized. The money would not go to the treasury or it would not go to issue new Usdnxtn to be used to buy it back and burn, basically. I think it’s a very reasonable thing to do. I probably should be not so I should not dwell for so long on each question because I think I should catch up with the questions. But in any case yeah. When will be the next batch for power token? There’s a lot of questions about distribution of power to serve holders. I think we’ll do that next because I have been receiving those questions for weeks by now. Let’s drop some power to serve. Puzzle is a good project. It is, yes. Don’t worry about the Korean community. I’ll be protecting waste. Thank you, my friend. Bring them all to the fault channel. Absolutely. We need more action here. And there was a very active member which hates my guts now. It’s okay. He was a very active supporter of Waves. He actually made very good memes su. Now he’s a real name because he’s anonymous, okay? And he was very effective in the channel. He was able to rile people up. But he’s not here. So summon him back, guys, please bring him back because I’m missing him. He’s on Twitter, but okay, his Twitter is not so big, but he somehow doesn’t want to be here because he thinks that okay. I don’t care. But in any case, I think this channel is good and has a future, I think. I think this chat will have to be like maybe the only unmaderated chat in crypto. Like totally unmoderated. Only like spam links are deleted and even those are deleted through voting or through a voting bot to be awesome guys, because it’s like environment is kind of unusual when no hold bar, everybody can say whatever they want. It’s good. I like it. Especially now when there is so much dictatorship in the world. Let’s just have this space absolutely free and open to everyone. So currently it is dedicated to the issues that we’re having. But once those issues are over, and they will be over, I think that this should become something else. A place where nothing is banned and all opinions are allowed. Please mention burn extend proposal on paradox. Yeah, I don’t remember. I think I talked to the project founder. I think it’s a good project, actually. So it’s very simple. It also works on puzzle on puzzle multiples, which are pretty unique, I think, and makes total sense to me. So it’s a very straightforward proposal and very helpful because it is doing what we are trying to do. We are trying to burn XTM and burn XTM is burning XTM. Obviously, this is what we cannot support. So vote for Burning Scan because it’s good and useful. Bring back sue. Yeah, come back, man. We need some real haters here because your hate is burning bright. And I like it, but I don’t hate him. I like him and he’s a good guy. The times are not good when coinbase. I don’t want to deal with the US crypto market anymore. Guys, let me not go into too much detail, but I think the Americans fucked up badly. Like badly. And they’re like fucking up still. They’re like bent on fucking up completely, I think. Let’s just see how it goes in the US. Because all those things when people really discuss default for the US. It’s like, man, you couldn’t have imagined that like a year ago. But it’s happening. And you think, guys, you are not so smart as everybody thought you were. And I totally misjudged the US crypto market and I admit to that. My bad. When we change rebranding until the end of the month, I think basically next week it should happen. Bring back the cap if you want it. I don’t know. I don’t think it was so amazing. It was a cat. Just a cat. Okay. It was like a font thing, some kind of star act. Maybe we should come up with something new. Yeah, guys, okay, let’s just speak in the chat news about the VCs. I’m talking there is some progress. Maybe it will be announced, maybe in June. It’s not fast and maybe we should tweak our pitch a little. I have a couple of ideas here, but it’s kind of complicated because it depends on many things. Also, let’s wait. How the miners vote because it’s quite important. So if they vote for the current proposal, we move in one direction. If they vote against, we will have to move in some other direction. But those directions will be both pointing forward, but they will be different. So we need to wait for this because as you know, funding and finances are very important. And as you know, the part of miners rewards, if this proposal is exempted, will go to waste. Doll so that could potentially provide some kind of vehicle to fund the ecosystem project. And in this case, there’s going to be one scenario, but if you vote against, there’s going to be another scenario. So let’s wait. A little relaunching of this. Yes, actually, good question. It’s kind of like working, but people don’t use it. So we need to do some kind of a proper relaunch. You’re right. Let’s focus on that in June. No video quack, please. Yeah, I know what the guy is going to do, but we have seen his balls already. So if you want to see his balls again, you can probably message him and he’ll be happy to send you some ball speak. But I’m not excited about that. If he wants, he can ask his questions in the chat and I will reply. Any plans from the tree? No movement seems to happen for the past few weeks. Yeah, so we are waiting for the proposal. As for new mechanics, there’s going to be this trading box that you mentioned, or somebody else mentioned maybe I think it was you. And it’s almost ready. But you need this thing on Vires to release XTM. And Vires team was focused on other things, but now I think they will be able to do that. I can’t practice English like this. I think I even just like practice your written English now. What will happen with Serve serf actually should do fine if extend does fine. If minor proposal is accepted. Extend should do pretty well actually. Because people will see it’s not only about buying back. People will see the long term perspective. They will understand that XTN will be bought back from the market, like maybe over months, over maybe even years. So in this case, surf is going to do very fine. Actually. Surf is going to do fine if XPN does fine, extend fine if system is okay. Basically, as you know, all the issues that we are facing, actually including the gateway problems, are going back to USDM, USDN failure as a stable coin. So if we are able to mitigate the results of the bad thing, everything is fine, including surf. And what we are doing now to mitigate that miners proposal is very important. Get the miners to vote for if you leave to those miners, ask them to vote for the proposal. This is my this is what I’m really concerned about. This is what I want to ask you. Please get them to vote. Probably. It could be good if like everybody votes. Not some minors, but everybody because we need to be on the same page here. Minors are against the proposal. It’s not good. Yeah, but let’s see how it goes. I sent you a proposal to include three 90 and power doll. Yeah. Remember that? Yes, I think we can actually do that. And it should be done because at the end of the day, all ecosystem projects have to work through the power Dow protocol because it can work for any Dow. Yeah, it’s a good idea. I remember. Buying back is very important because it resolves all the issues that we are having. And if you care about the waste price, it’s the best way to help waste price go up as well. If you don’t understand that, I can explain again, basically. But I think you understand. Bring back the camp. You should vote for it if you like the camp. I like doctors. I’m allergic to camps. Pump waste to the top 50. Why don’t you pump it? Everybody would be very grateful to you for that. When trading bots, as I said like two times but it’s okay. I can repeat. Depends on virus. Virus team has to enable withdrawals of XTM to the bot. But bot is not a problem. Actually, if you want to bring back the cat, I think it should be different. Catwalk is at it, actually. I have a cat. Please send his picture or her picture. Okay. Did you find out about Ergo withdrawals? Let me just I messaged right before the AMA. Actually, let me and I think let I think anger shouldn’t be fine. Yeah, let me just play. Okay. How long in your opinion of this ecosystem will be regenerating? Like coming back to life? I think we need to come up with some kind of a breakthrough now because what’s happening in ways always it wasn’t very how to say let’s say it hasn’t been good. We always have some issues we had to fight. So maybe it’s time to end that and maybe time to like try to make some kind of a faster progress. Not to try to defend the ecosystem, but try to be more active and to be on the offensive. But the problem is you need to come up with something very cool technically because it doesn’t make sense to create any kind of hype just for hype. I’ve never done that. So I want to come up with something good in terms of blockchain development. And it’s not so easy now because the technology has its limitations, unfortunately. And maybe we should come up with totally different ideas. Not waves, but like blockchain community in general. There is some direction that we want to pursue, mostly around zero knowledge proofs. There is some ideas, but we need to finalize and make sure that this thing is going to make sense for decades now. It’s not going to be. Some hype that will be that in a year or two. It should be something that can work maybe in 20 years. So even if we need to resolve our current issues fast, it doesn’t mean that we need to try to launch something that would just resolve the problems but will be useless in about a year. I just can’t do that because it’s a waste of time. We need to come up with something that will work for decades to come. Let me scroll back a little. Power adopt takers is a good idea actually. Yeah. Your AMA is born without my question. Please ask here just like nobody else wants to speak, but just type your question. The debt of BSD is higher than amount of BSD tokens on Wave network. How do you plan to resolve it on Vires? I’ll check actually, kind of like I have to check. That strange. No video please. If you want to show the community your balls again, you can do it here if you want it so badly. Alexandra I mean, we have a lot of different functional blockchains, like optus, arbitrary how we can compete with them, more or less. Salana is not a bad project, actually. Very reasonable. It has to exist. Our bitter is going to die sooner or later because this technology is kind of really how to say zero lacking compared to zero knowledge. Proofs. They use optimistic consensus and it’s not something that worked in decades because I think zero knowledge is something very unique. It’s not ready maybe for production yet, but people are launching this in production already. For example, polygon. Great guys. It’s not really resolving any issues in cryptocurrency because it’s some kind of prototype. Still, the future is very bright with zero knowledge, I think, and I would go into that direction. As for Salana like blockchain, they will exist as well because they have a totally different approach to scalability supervision. So it’s different. How can we compete? We can create something better. This is the only way. Okay, quack. Post it if you want it. Post it. Let’s open external bot and test that. Good idea. Actually. Moon hit from moon hit. When will you keep such untransparent products that will be taking no? When the blessings launched. There’s going to be some derivative staking products but they will be working as if, you know, why earn the first thing this derivative product that built on other smart contracts, some kind of like smart contracts aggregator. And this is going to happen on WX as well. But it’s going to be all fully decentralized and transparent because it’s also a problem with maybe with the smart contract language that we have is quite flexible and actually it has more features as for example, solidity. But there is some kind of a drawback, so to say. It’s quite easy not to create fully decentralized concepts. Now we understand that and we need to make sure that everything is fully decentralized, can be changed immutable and so on and so forth so on. UWS. There’s not going to be any kind of like semi decentralized products. They all will be properly decentralized. I was going development with Waste 2.0. There’s like branches here, the current chain. There is this idea with the changes. I posted it in the now channel and it has been developed. It’s like we are coding it, the now team is coding this and there is the other direction mostly focused on the future of Waste on Waste 2.0 and there are still several options. So we are doing some research, some experiments to choose one option and as soon as it’s chosen, I will let you know. So despite all those issues, this is what I’m mostly focused on as a mount. Not because I don’t want to resolve the issues, but because if we are able to move forward in this direction of ways to point all it will at the same time solve all our previous problems. Share your opinion on east please. Yes, I forgot to mention east. It’s like slowly launching as far as understand it’s some kind of like slow launch phase, like soft launch east. On one hand it’s a Die clone with multi collateral but I think it will diverge from Die. There’s going to be new functionality added in future. Also there is a Governance token which is lucrative because there is taking for it and I think we need to have maybe it’s not like completely unique project but we need to have such a project on Waves because actually dying mechanics for stable coins turn out to be the only working mechanics. Those like collateralized depth positions probably now are the only working approach to creating stable coins that can be easily abused. So we need to have the some ways and east is doing exactly that. And there is like pools launching for east at the moment on WX and I think there’s going to be more marketing and I’m not directly involved because with ecosystem is not so small. Actually there is a lot of teams and we are very geographically distributed as well. But I full support them and I think that this is a problem that should exist on Waves. It makes total sense and please take a look if you want to participate in this project, maybe you can take a look at their Governance Token which should provide a good taking interest. Looks like Waste Army hashtag is down on Twitter these days. Yeah, we should revive it because I wasn’t pushing it this time to start pushing it again and actually use it today when I posted about the power gal. So Wave Army shall rise again. Make waves. Great. Not again but just great. And maybe some kind of collaboration with other chains will be good. I think so actually. Yeah, I think so. Maybe Bridges but like you should speak with Pepper team probably regarding that because they are the team that connects Waste ecosystem to other chains. Ah, yeah. BSD is not a problem, guys. It didn’t have any accounting error. It should be okay. Okay, let’s just I don’t know, maybe some thought. Give me some thought. F-U-D fear uncertainty. Doubt. Uncertainty and doubts are fine. Fear is not fine, but okay. No, we don’t want to see your balls. We have seen them. Not so impressed. Not so impressed. When Bahamian Groove meet up. What? Bahamian grew drove. I think I’ll be in Europe next week. By the way, if somebody wants to see me in Switzerland next week, I should be there. I’ll post on Twitter, make fat great again. Yeah, definitely guys. One way spot conference. Yeah, next week I can meet some people in Europe if you are willing to see me. I don’t know the exact date, but next week I think we can do that. Okay, so next week, minor voting, more proposals in base doll. Maybe some more Vires proposals. New information about the gateways of gateways. Some tokens should be phased out while and yeah, we’re always working on new ideas, so I’m really concerned about Waste 2.0. This is what is the most important. If we finalize this, I will let you know as well. And maybe relaunch. Not maybe, but I think there should be relaunch of Wave Exchange as WX network domain without legacy. And after that, I think we can start somehow, like bringing more people promoting. And it should increase the fees, which should in turn increase the buyback amount. So, yeah, things are starting to move. I’m not going to say that we’re going to turn things around. I was thinking about this phrase now probably we don’t have to turn things around anymore, guys. We should just take things into a totally different direction. This is what we should do. I love you, but I don’t want to see your balls. Not a fan at all. This is not the worst thing I’ve seen in my life, but like top five. Top five. Okay, a couple more questions. Yeah, I love your ex too. I should ask the Ducks team what their plans are because they’re kind of independent right now and I’m not really able to focus on this right now. I have some ideas, but I won’t tell you now. Okay, guys, always a pleasure. Really. You should fought more. Lots of things are happening. Voting, participate, suggest your project be active. I love you all. Including the work of others. I’m happy to see you all. Power to the people. Right on. Waves. I wish you very productive week. See you next Friday. I love you all. Bye, guys.